Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: Pretty Serious - Into Dreams [via Hypnotic Polish]

Pretty Serious is a cosmetic brand from Australia. Their nail polishes are Big 3 free, formaldehyde free, cruelty free and vegan friendly. Awesome enough! You can check out their collections and products on their Pretty Serious website. I got one of their pretties via Hypnotic Polish for review - it's called Into Dreams and it's a part of the In The Night Collection
Pretty Serious Into Dreams

Into Dreams is a warm purple shade with strong magenta shimmer. It looks much cooler on my photos - purples have always been amongst the hard ones to photograph... 
Pretty Serious Into Dreams

Pretty Serious, Into Dreams, 2 coats
Pretty Serious Into Dreams

As I said, Into Dreams is a tough one to photograph. I tried to capture it outdoors, but there was no sun when I wore it. It's a gorgeous warm purple shade. It looks dark on low light, but doesn't look black due to all the hot pink shimmer in it. It's one of those shades which look like they're lit from within. Very pretty. 
Pretty Serious Into Dreams

Pretty Serious Into Dreams

The formula was great and although the brush looked a bit bushy at first, it did a great job - the application was easy and precise. Two coats of polish were enough for full opacity. Gorgeous shade and great quality. Can't say anything else but - I recommend this one!
Pretty Serious Into Dreams

You can buy Pretty Serious nail polishes on Hypnotic Polish Facebook Shop for 10,35€.

*Product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. 

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