Monday, April 14, 2014

Review: Sammydress Voile Sleeves Dress

For someone who feels most comfortable in jeans, I'm getting very much into dresses lately. Here's a dress I saw on and wanted to try it out. They were kind enough to send it to me and now I can tell you what I think about it. :) First, let's see what it looks like on their website. 

It's not my usual style, but the golden details surely do make it look special. Plush, I don't mind the mesh sleeves either. 

Like most of the dresses I buy online, this one is also quite short. So short I wouldn't wear it without leggings underneath. What can I say, I like to keep my ass covered. =D Other than the shortness, it's a very nice dress. The fabric feels nice against skin and the mesh parts aren't scratchy. I was afraid the golden embroidery parts would be too yellow, but they're the perfect muted shade of gold. =) It would actually look very chic if I didn't have a tattoo... 

You can buy this dress on for €7.48 (here's direct link).

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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