Thursday, June 26, 2014

Swatches & Review: Nayll Nail Polish + My Custom Shades

Nayll is all about giving you the opportunity to make your own frankenpolish (you own custom shade) without the mess frankening comes with and without searching various shops for the right ingredients. Making your own nail polish shade is really easy at Nyall: pick a base, choose the color of shimmer or the color and shape of glitter, name your polish and you're done. 
''At NAYLL, we have put together a massive list of unique proven inredients that is growing all the time. Now in one place you can have access to more options than you could have ever imagined. We've done all the hard work for you so you can be free to do the  best part, DESIGN WHATEVER YOU CAN IMAGINE!'' (Nayll)
Sara, the founder of Nayll, offered me the opportunity to try it out for myself. I got three Nyall shades and made three shades by myself. Here are the color drops of all of them. 

Holy Holo TopCoat, 1 coat (over Mysterioso)

Holy Holo is just what the name suggests. A top coat that will give your base a holographic shimmer. This can change any color into a holographic shimmer. It's more shimmery and sparkly in real life. 

It's OK, She's With Me, 1 coat (over dark grey base) + Smooth It Out Glitter TopCoat

It's OK, She's With Me is a glitter shade from the Those Cray Cray Weekends collection. Its base is black jelly which is filled with golden, silver and black glitter of different shapes. I used a generous layer of Nayll Smooth It Out Glitter TopCoat over it to even it out. 

Mysterioso, 3 coats

Mysterioso is a shade from the creme colors collection. It looks a lot more drab on the Nayll website. Mine looks much darker - just like on the photo above. 

And here are my three custom shades. I decided to go with a theme - and the theme was Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Yes, I picked a book as my inspiration. 

Karou, 3 coats

''Karou is a blue-haired teenage art student who lives in Prague, running errands for Brimstone, a chimaera who is the closest thing to a father she has. She is capable of performing magic through wishes and is a skilled martial artist.'' (Wiki)

Akiva, 2 coats

''Akiva is a supernaturally beautiful young man whose face possesses high cheekbones. White scars run across his hands, while his fingers are tattooed with black lines that mark each chimaera he has slain in battle. Like all seraphim, his wings are fiery and able to be hidden while casting a glamour - though they will still appear in his shadow. Akiva's amber eyes, framed with heavy eyelashes and kohl, are fire-like as well.'' (Wiki)

Akiva + Holy Holo TopCoat

Brimstone's Door, 1 coat (over light grey base) + Smooth It Out Glitter TopCoat

''Brimstone is the only father figure Karou knows. With a menacing demeanor and a monstrous appearance, the intimidating image he presents does not match his capacity for tenderness. He collects teeth - some human, some not - and operates out of a dark workshop, which has doorways that lead to it from all over the world.'' (Wiki)

Creating my own nail polish really was as easy as I though it would be. I'm not completely happy with the colors I've created, but since I couldn't see them in advance... I'll give myself a break. All of these polishes have good formulas - It's OK, She's With Me is a special one since it's so packed with glitter. It's harder to apply, but not impossible. I love the fact you can name your polish. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the frosty look of my two shimmer shades, but that's my personal preference - I think you all know by now I'm not a frosty/pearly lover. 

You can buy Nayll polishes and make your own on Nayll website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter

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