Monday, June 30, 2014

Thank you!

I'm still having a hard time believing my baby is gone. I don't think it's appropriate to love one of your furry ones more than others, but I have to admit my bond with Aishila was the strongest. She's been ill a lot (ever since she was a kitten) and for that reason she needed more care and attention. That's how we got so attached to each other. She would come to sit in my lap whenever she saw me sitting down, she slept with me most of the time - I knew exactly how she liked to sleep and she'd wait for me to make a little ''pool'' with my arm so she could cuddle next to me (between my body and my arm). After she'd be comfortable enough, she would turn around and give me a nose kiss... I've met a lot of cats in my life, but this one was indeed very, very special. She might have been small, but she had a heart of a giant. 

Thank you so much for your kind words on my previous Aishila post! 

After Aishila passed away, I took Jimi to the vet for blood tests (since she's the oldest cat in my family - she's 9 years old). They have the same mother and I wanted to make sure Jimi's liver is OK and this wouldn't happen again. I was so nervous when I got the tests, but I'm happy to say - Jimi is a healthy girl. Her creatinine and BUN levels are normal and she doesn't have a diabetes... Well, at least I got some good news. 

Thank you for looking and commenting!

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