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Preview: Catrice Autumn/Winter 2014 News - Nails

Catrice New
''A pure desire for life – that’s CATRICE. The brand is heading into the Autumn/Winter2014 season with this feeling in mind and inspired by the catwalks of the fashion capitals of the world!
Best-of! The Autumn/Winter fashion shows offer plenty of variety: visionary ideas withsculptural cut-outs, a new interpretation of the timeless elegance of classics, unconventional knitwear as well as a clever interaction of androgynous, slim lines and voluptuous femininity.Whether you go for a hip metallic look in silver and gold, soft nudes or the fashionable nudeeffect – these trends are an absolute must in the beauty as well as in the fashion world. CATRICE knows them all and unites all the must-haves of the season in one updatecollection. Fashion meets Beauty – by CATRICE.
Nail performance. In 2014, the nails are long with an oval or round shape. Effects – whether with a glitter or an ombre look – belong in every design this season. The new Luxury Lacquers Million Brilliance unite a texture with a high coverage and unique 3D particles while the Ombre Top Coat brings trendy colour gradients to your nails. Silver and gold shades are remaining on the colour trend card and are complemented by darker nuances like Merlot red and walnut.''

Colour meets Technology: a reservoir brush and Gloss Booster technology for an ultimate gel-like effect. The intelligent fibres absorb the ideal amount of nail polish required to paint one nail. The broad reservoir brush with rounded bristles saves the colour and ensures an accurate, controlled application. The wide range of trendy effects like the cosmic Mono or the Duo Chromes and the shimmering Metallics offers the right polish for every style. Now 20 new trendy colours are joining the range, including soft pastel highlights, newly interpreted classics in red and orange as well as numerous nearly black shades in dark taupe, purple and grey. Available in a total of 43 colours. 10 ml. Around 2,79€*. 
Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer

Modern Metallic. This effect polish unites great coverage and awesome effects in one product. Metallic colours with a high coverage guarantee unique results. The combination of metallic pigments and pearl creates a nail finish that shimmers like liquid metal. Now available in eight extraordinary colours: the metallic classics gold and bronze, elegant nuances like anthracite, violet and blue-green as well as feminine rosé gold, pink and strawberry red. There are four with a glossy finish and four with a matt finish. Around 3,49€*.
Catrice Luxury Lacquers Liquid Metal

Beauty Jewels. The Luxury Lacquers Million Brilliance have an intense glitter shimmer to create special reflections of light on your nails. The concept unites a brilliant texture with a high coverage and unique 3D particles with beautiful effects. The polishes are now available in eight exclusive colours - including silver, gold and lavender – and come in a stylish, premium glass bottle. Around 3,49€*.
Catrice Million Brilliance

On the top. The new Million Styles Effect Top Coats create the most diverse effects with their multi-reflecting pearls and colourful pigments. The Top Coats – available in four versions – can simply be applied over colour nail polish or on your natural nail. The finish is individual, brilliant and colourful. Around 2,99€*.
Catrice Million Styles

Master of Transformation. Hair, fashion, design – the ombre look is omnipresent. And now there’s the Ombre Top Coat so you can create this trendy style on your nails, too. Simply apply a pastel or light nail colour polish, leave to dry and then reach for the new Ombre Top Coat. With each application of the top coat, the colour nail polish becomes one shade darker. Always let the individual layers of the top coat dry really well before applying the next one. The colour gradient will be especially visible when each neighbouring nail is one shade darker: if you start off with your thumb in the original colour, then apply one layer of the Ombre Top Coat on your index finger, two on your middle finger and four on your little finger. The top coat dries extremely fast and the effect is absolutely trendy. Works particularly well with lighter nail polish colours. Around 2,99€*.
Catrice Ombre Top Coat

Bright Light. The fast-drying white base coat offers great coverage and intensifies the colour of any nail polish applied on top. Additional benefit: the base coat is enriched with keratin to strengthen your natural nail structure. At the same time, it makes your nail polish last longer. Apply the Base Coat solo – without an additional colour on top – for a hip white look. With a subtle pearl effect. Around 2,79€*.
Catrice Colour Brightening Base Coat

The coming CATRICE range update for fall/winter 2014 brings about a very special novelty: A two meter wide beautyshop for CATRICE! This beautyshop contains 130 entirely new products, colors, and trends and will be available at selected Müller stores throughout Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Spain from mid-August.

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