Monday, July 14, 2014

Swatches & Review: Makeup Revolution - Dia de los Muertos Eyeshadow Palette

Another Makeup Revolution post. I've just realized I haven't told you anything about this new UK based brand yet. Well, I'm sure you've done your research in case you were interested, but still: 
''Makeup Revolution launched in London in March 2014 delivering revolutionary performance and quality, in every product at revolutionary prices. Made with the finest ingredients, the range starts at an amazing £1, with a range of professional and must have products with limited edition collections – you can finally afford them all!'' (Makeup Revolution)
The product you're about to see today is an eyeshadow palette called Dia de los Muertos.
Makeup Revolution - Dia de los Muertos Eyeshadow Palette

Here's what Makeup Revolution says about it:
''Salvation is here! Why a salvation? For the first time we have combined shimmer and matte shades in a series of exciting limited edition palettes with 18 shades of super high pay off impact. These palettes are in beautiful compact with large full size mirror for the first time in our series of palettes.''
The palette consists of 12 shimmer shades (square ones) and 6 matte shades (rounds ones). Matte shades come in four different skin/taupe shades and two neon ones. Notice the full sized mirror on the top - win!

Here are the 12 shimmer shades swatched on the back of my hand without any base. I tried to swatch the matte shades, but failed miserably. They certainly come in very handy when you're doing your make up, but are a pain in the ass to photograph. The third shimmer shade in the second row of the palette is actually a duochrome shade - it looks white-ish on my photo, but it flashes green in real life. 

Dia de los Muertos is a nice palette with both matte and shimmer shades of dark and light colors. The eyeshadows are pigmented but not the softest I have tried - once you try Sleek eyeshadow, it's hard to find anything softer. Still, I think this palette can be very useful if you like the colors it offers. 

Here's a simple look I made with this palette. 

You can buy Dia de los Muertos palette on Makeup Revolution website or on Lič

*Product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. 

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