Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Heart Makeup - I Am Sexy Palette

After trying out a lot of different make up items, you can get pretty immune to all the pretty colors and various finishes and combinations and whatnot... Or maybe it's just me. I'm not necessarily saying it takes a purple leprechaun on an elephant to impress me, but it needs to be special in some way. And I recently got something that sparked my interest in makeup again... 

Makeup Revolution introduced a new line of makeup called I Heart Makeup. I do not know where did the need to start a new line come from and I'm not a huge fan of multiple different ''sub-brands'', but I like the product quite a lot. I got to review the I Am Sexy eyeshadow palette with lipstick. Complete kit for instant sexy look. So they say, but it helps if you're sexy to start with. ;) 
I Heart Makeup I Am Sexy Palette

Not only does the palette look cute, it opens with the push of a button, which is a plus for the manicured ladies. Some palettes are a pain in the ass to open without ruining a mani or even a nail. Although I like the way the palette works, I do not like the way lipstick is stored. It looks nice and all, but it's almost impossible to get the lipstick out without ruining an eyeshadow or two, dropping everything on the floor or stabbing yourself in the eye. This was not made for clumsy people like me. 
I Heart Makeup I Am Sexy Palette

The eyeshadows come in six shimmery shades. They are well pigmented and have good color payoff. 
I Heart Makeup I Am Sexy Palette

Lipstick comes in a hot red shade - which, by the way, I think is pretty much perfect. The kind of red that would suit anyone who dares to wear it.
I Heart Makeup I Am Sexy Palette

I'm gonna be honest - I ADORE this lipstick. The color, the way it glides over lips smoothly, the feeling when wearing it... It's perfect. Now I only need to find the courage (and opportunity) to actually wear it outside of my home... 
I Heart Makeup I Am Sexy Palette

I Heart Makeup I Am Sexy Palette

You can buy I Heart Makeup products on Makeup Revolution website for or Lič

*Product was sent to me for reviewing purposes. 

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