Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Family Members: Bella & Freya

Three kitten sisters have been found in the rain... small, all alone and probably left there to die. Some kind-hearted human found them and gave them an opportunity - a chance to live. One of the sisters found her permanent home soon, I stumbled upon the other two while browsing the internet. Who could resist? At first I though of adopting the white one only, but ... You know. One thing lead to another and I took them both. They're probably a little more than a month old. They eat on their own already, but the little one (the one with the black mask) still likes to get her formula via feeding bottle. I got them on Sunday and to be honest with you, I haven't slept well since. =) They (of course) sleep with me. On my bed. At first I wanted them to sleep in their own basket, but who was I kidding... Sleeping on my neck and hair is so much better. And warmer. Although they're small, they look and act really healthy. They eat a lot, play a lot and sleep as well. Meet Freya and Bella. 

Bella is a bit bigger and doesn't want to drink milk from the bottle anymore. She's gentle, calmer and indeed very beautiful. Hence the name. 

Freya is a little fighter. Still a baby, but determined to grow into a ferocious beast. ;) She's playful, loud (especially when it's feeding time) and needs a lot of TLC. 

The other cats are slowly getting used to the new members of our feline family. They're not too happy about it, but hopefully they'll adapt soon.

Thanks for looking!

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