Sunday, October 19, 2014

Catrice & Essence Blogger Event

This Wednesday was a very special day. I have been invited to the Catrice & Essence Blogger Event - and unlike last year, this time I actually went. The event took place in the beautiful White Hall of Ljubljana Castle. We started off by meeting two lovely ladies from Cosnova who came from Germany and once all the bloggers arrived, the presentation ob both brands started: the ideas behind the brands, the inspiration and a lot of new exciting products to come. They promised us to stay up-to-date with trends and to bring us even more colors. =)

There were two full displays in the White Hall - one with Catrice and the other with Essence products. But that's not all. There were also a lot of limited edition displays, a manicure and makeup station and a special place for all the beauty care and Show Your Feet items. 

Food! I only tried the cake (which was delicious, by the way) but forgot to take a photo of it. I didn't try any of the food on my photos though... I guess I wasn't really hungry, but I wish I had those snacks right now... Isn't that almost always the case with food?

After the presentation we were told each of us can choose and take up to 10 products. Whatever our hearts desired. Believe me, it was NOT an easy decision. I probably made 3 or 4 rounds before I was sure about the contents of my bag. Here are the items I chose: you can see there are 11 items. I was just about to make another swap when a Cosnova lady told me I can keep the 11th item as well. *blushes*

After the presentation, the eating, drinking, photographing and talking with fellow bloggers, there was a big surprise for us all. Every single one of us got a big bag of Catrice and another bag of Essence products. You can imagine the looks on our faces when we walked out with three bags in our hands. Some of the products were the same ones we picked ourselves before, but it doesn't really matter. We all have friends, sisters and other people to share it with. =) Here's what we got: 

My Velvet Matt eyeshadow broke... so so so sad... since it's so beautiful.

What else to add? I had a wonderful time! Cosnova people (from Germany and Slovenia) really know how to make you feel special. Makeup and otherwise. =) I hope to see them all again next year. 

Thanks for looking!

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