Thursday, November 20, 2014

Manicure Recycle: Born Pretty Store Full Water Nail Decals

I'm so behind on my reviews of the Born Pretty Store products, it's crazy. Work, life and decreasing interest in doing my nails on a daily basis... just a few reasons. I hope this blog won't die anytime soon - in case I get my fire back, but it has definitely been on a side track for a long time. Well, let's go with the flow and see where it takes us. 

The latest Born Pretty Store product I've tried were these beautiful full water nail decals.
Born Pretty Store Full Water Nail Decals

See how pretty the pattern is. And the color is right up my alley as well. I got one sheet with 12 water decals of different sizes. They're long and therefore suitable for longer nails as well. 
Born Pretty Store Full Water Nail Decals

My nails have already been painted at that time, but the manicure was a couple of days old and not too good looking (I was wearing BYS Matte Charcoal - I adore this polish!). You're supposed to paint your nail with a base coat before applying the decals, but these particular ones are opaque, so I don't think the base was necessary... 
Born Pretty Store Full Water Nail Decals

I usually love water decals, but these gave me a hard time. I think they came without the plastic film that protects them and were hard to apply - didn't want to stick to the nail. I ended up just covering them with a layer of top coat to seal them on my nails. It worked, but I struggled. I think it was worth the struggle after all. What do you think? 
Born Pretty Store Full Water Nail Decals

You can buy these water nail decals on Born Pretty Store for $1.99 (here's a direct link).

Also, here's a code for a 10% off your purchase: SSG10

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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