Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kiko - Pearly Chocolate Noir (#374)

Here's one of the three Kiko nail polish shades I bought what it seems like forever ago in Venice. A brown shimmery shade that goes by the name Pearly Chocolate Noir (aka #374).
Kiko Pearly Chocolate Noir 374

Kiko, Pearly Chocolate Noir, 2 coats
Kiko Pearly Chocolate Noir 374

Kiko Pearly Chocolate Noir 374

Kiko Pearly Chocolate Noir 374

Thank goodness we don't get Kiko cosmetics in Slovenia! I think I'd be very much tempted to buy every single shade of nail polish they have. And I already own too much for my liking. The application and formula of this polish is great, the price is low - and this is a winning combination for me. It also has a nice brush. Can't complain. =) 
Kiko Pearly Chocolate Noir 374

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