Thursday, January 1, 2015

Preview: Essence "I Love Nude" Trend Edition


Subtle, delicate, NUDE! With the new trend edition “I love nude”, essence is presenting one of the biggest trends of the season in February 2015 – NUDE. Whether you go for nearly white, soft beige, apricot and rosé or brown shades – your eyes, lips, face and nails are sure to stand out in these soft and natural nuances that flatter all beauties. The highlights are the baked eyeshadows in six soft shades with a silky to matt finish. The cool new lash princess false effect mascara provides lashes with dramatic volume and completes your perfect eye make-up style. Subtle and naturally beautiful… with essence!


Eyeshadow - So natural in love! Nude is light, soft and now available in six different eyeshadow nuances ranging from subtle beige to rosé to soft brown. The baked texture of the new eyeshadow range offers a silky to matt finish and an individual, natural look. The packaging matches the shape of the texture and shows the nude tones at their best. Available in 01 vanilla sugar, 02 cake pop, 03 crème brûlée, 04 sweet like chocolate, 05 my favorite tauping and 06 coffee bean. 

Lash princess false effect mascara - Royal sister! There’s a fabulous new addition to the family of lash princess mascaras in black. The special, conic shape of the fiber brush provides lashes with length and dramatic volume as well as a false-lash effect. And just like her sisters, the packaging of the new drama queen is decorated with a gorgeous evening dress – this time in black-mint. Princess(ence) deluxe! 

XXXL nude lipgloss - Nude news! The popular XXXL lipglosses highlight your natural beauty in four soft shades and ensure the perfect style for every occasion. The subtle color pigmentation creates a fresh look. The reservoir brush offers just the right amount of texture and the soft applicator ensures an especially easy application. Available in 01 shy beauty, 03 taste the sweets, 05 just nude! and 06 soft almond.

Longlasting lipstick nude - Sheer star! Our bestselling lipstick is now available in five gorgeous nude shades. The light and creamy texture feels wonderfully pleasant on your lips and offers long-lasting results in light nude, beige, light rosé, mocha as well as brown. Absolute natural talents! Available in 01 wearing only a smile, 02 porcelain doll, 03 come naturally, 04 it's nude time! and 05 cool nude. 

I love TRENDS nail polish the nudes - Only nude… is sure to make the hearts of all nail polish fans beat faster this season! The new I love TRENDS nail polishes cover your nails in light nude shades. From light beige to soft apricot and rosé shades to brown tones – the selection of different colors and effects is huge. The longlasting formula ensures permanently pampered nails. Available in 02 i nude it, 03 i'm lost in you, 04 cupcake topping, 05 pure soul and 07 hope for love. 

Essence “I love nude” will be available in stores in February 2015.

This TE will be available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Australia, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, and Qatar.

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