Monday, February 23, 2015

a England - The Blessed Damozel

The Blessed Damozel - a new shade from brilliant Adina, the owner of a England, for her Heavenly Quotes collection. This purple goodness was inspired by the poem (with the same name) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. I have to emphasize how much I cherish Adina's love for pre-raphaelite art - and art in general. The story behind every single shade she makes gives it a special value (at least for me). =)
a England The Blessed Damozel

The Blessed Damozel is quite camera shy and like most purples, it tends to photograph on the blue side. It's warmer in real life and it looks more like the color drop below. 
a England The Blessed Damozel

a England, The Blessed Damozel, 2 coats + top coat
a England The Blessed Damozel

I used two coats of The Blessed Damozel for my swatches. It's very opaque and its formula is great. It looks like it's lit within and it gets very dark towards the edges of the nail. It doesn't get too dark though, which means it doesn't look like a plain old black nail polish (even in low light). For me, it's a perfect dark purple shimmer polish. The only thing that would bother me (if I didn't use fast drying top coat every time I do my manicure) is the fact it doesn't dry into a glossy finish, but looks somewhat dull once dry. But as I said, it doesn't bother me - a coat of top coat takes care of that in a matter of seconds. 
a England The Blessed Damozel

You can buy The Blessed Damozel and other shades from the Heavenly Quotes collection on a England website. If you're located outside of the UK, check out the Where to Buy tab. You can also find a England on Facebook and Twitter

*Polish was sent to me for reviewing purposes.

What are your thoughts on The Blessed Damozel?

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