Friday, April 10, 2015

Swatches: Barry M The Glitterati Collection

I recently got to swatch a bunch of Barry M polish shades for a slovenian online store. I know you might be interested in seeing the swatches - I got a total of 47 colors, which is a bit too much for one post. That's why I decided to post the shades by collection. The first ones are the 6 shades from The Glitterati collection. 
''Shine like the stars with this blinging new glitter Nail Paint collection! With their long lasting formula, Glitterati will keep you sparkling from dusk ‘til dawn. In 6 glistening shades, Glitterati delivers you all the glitz and glam you’ll need to shine this party season.'' (Barry M)
Barry M The Glitterati

Barry M The Glitterati

Starlet, 1 coat over Ballerina
Barry M The Glitterati Starlet

Socialite, 1 coat over Miami
Barry M The Glitterati Socialite

Fashion Icon, 1 coat over Nightshade
Barry M The Glitterati Fashion Icon

Catwalk Queen, 1 coat over Cardamom
Barry M The Glitterati Catwalk Queen

VIP, 1 coat over Damson
Barry M The Glitterati VIP

Rockstar, 1 coat over Chai
Barry M The Glitterati Rockstar

Here are all 6 shades on their own. They're all 3-coaters, the formula is OK and they're all easy to apply. The removal is another story... ;) 
Barry M The Glitterati

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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