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STD Testing & Hair Follicle Drug Tests

The Proven Ways To Beat A Hair Follicle Drug Test

Since the early days, people have been looking for ways on how to beat a hair follicle drug test with mixed results. For every person who successfully beats the hair follicle drug test, there are several that fail the test risking their jobs and thus, their livelihood. Basically, if you are required to take a hair drug test and you have been using a drug for some time, there is a bigger chance that your test results will come out positive unless you can successfully beat the test. Unfortunately, the reason why most employers are opting for hair testing and not other drug testing methods is that of it is difficult to beat the test.

That said, it is important to note that some people have successfully beaten the test and thus, it is practically possible to beat a hair follicle test but only when the right tools and methods are used. The common methods people have been using to beat the hair test include shaving, loophole testing, and detox shampoo. However, although some people claim to have used shaving and loophole testing methods to successfully beat a drug follicle test, it is imperative to note that they are not reliable and suit different situations better than others.

For example, shaving everything may work for you if you have not used drugs for the last few weeks or months and thus, you are only trying to get rid of your past drug history. Loophole testing will only work for you if you have been using drugs occasionally. Hair follicle drug testing is not designed to pick up occasional or small drug use. Although some people have successfully used loophole testing to beat the drug test, it is nerve racking to try this method as you may have consumed an amount that can be detected.

The unreliability of the traditional and DIY methods of passing a hair follicle test means that you only have one way to beat a hair follicle drug test, the use of detox shampoos. Today, there are few hair detox shampoos that work and thus, you only need to choose the right shampoo detox to pass the test. Quality detox shampoos can penetrate the hair shaft and remove the toxins and thus, get rid of your drug use history.


No matter how assured you are about beating a drug test, you should not go into the test lab without testing yourself first using home test kits. If you are using detox shampoos to pass the hair test, you should also strictly follow the user guidelines to increase your chances of passing the test.

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